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Ableton Push 3 is available now

Push 3 is the first in the series to function as a standalone piece of hardware

Ableton Push 3 is available now

Ableton has released a new version of its hardware instrument, Push.

The new Push 3 MIDI and DAW controller is the first in the series to function as a standalone piece of hardware, capable of running without having to plug in any components or power sources (the battery can run for around two and a half hours with multiple instruments and plugins loaded). Still, the kit includes eight inputs and outputs. 

Ableton Push 3 also has WiFi compatibility, allowing users to work between Push and Live 11, which is pre-loaded onto the hardware with the built-in audio interface. The 64 MPE pads now have a higher sensitivity in multiple directions and motions, allowing for more variation in sound. 

The Push 3 marks the first new iteration in the series since 2015's Push 2, with the original version launching in 2013. According to GearNews, Ableton had been developing this standalone model for more than ten years.

The standalone Push 3 has a price tag of €1899 or $1999 (US). A less expensive version, €949/$999, without a processor is also available.

Ableton will release upgrade kits later this year for €999 or $1049. The Push 3's processor, hard drive and battery are all able to be replaced for flexibility in the future.

Ableton released the Live 11 software in February 2021, adding a free Lite upgrade in March that year. The music tech giant also launched its first iOS app last October.  

In an interview last summer, Ableton cofounder Robert Henke urged music artists and fans to “fully embrace CDs” over vinyl as a matter of environmental urgency. 

Watch a tutorial on Live 11 here.

Learn more about the Push 3 on Ableton's website, and check out a promo clip via Instagram below.