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Armin van Buuren releases 20th instalment of 'A State Of Trance': Listen

Comprising 41 tracks, the latest instalment of his mix album series is split across three mixes rather than the usual two

Armin van Buuren releases 20th instalment of 'A State Of Trance' :Listen

Armin van Buuren has released the 20th instalment of his long-running 'A State Of Trance' mix album series.

It features 41 tracks in total, which are split across three mixes, rather than the usual two. The additional third mix pays homage to another of van Buuren's own labels, Who's Afraid Of 138?!, and among its 14 tracks are two new remixes by Bogdan Vix & UUFO and Maddix of van Buuren's recent tracks 'Vulnerable' and 'Computers Take Over The World' respectively.

Also featured across the three mixes are further exclusive remixes of van Buuren's tracks, as well as a number of his own originals and other cuts which will soon see release across A State Of Trance, Armind and Who's Afraid Of 138?! The two mixes that don't focus on Who's Afraid Of 138?! are divided into selections for the beach and the club.

"I've never been one to label music on the basis of tempo or the elements it contains," van Buuren said about the mix album. "To me, every kind of music evokes a unique feeling, which means a record can feel like trance music even if it shares traits with tracks others would dub as, say, deep house or techno."

He continued: "Even though this notion has been a pillar within my radio show for years, I felt that dividing this new mix album into three sides instead of two would make a strong statement as to what trance music means to me, the brand and so many fans who share my view."

You can listen to 'A State Of Trance 2023' in full below.

A State Of Trance celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year with an exhibition at Our House Museum in Amsterdam.

Armin van Buuren will return to Ibiza this summer where he will play at Ushuaïa every Sunday in September.

In March, he released his eighth studio album, 'Feel Again'.