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Coco & Breezy

Photo of Coco and Breezy on an orange background. coco is behind and to the right of Breezy, how is leaning forward. Both are looking at the camera.

In just a few short years, twin sisters Coco & Breezy have found their sound and hit their stride as DJs and producers, spinning sets that appeal to lovers of pure house while producing the kind of pop-kissed tunes that rack up millions of streams. Getting to where they are has been a winding progression that’s taken them from middle school dance groups to MySpace minifame, and from eyewear design to the doorstep of dance music superstardom — and they’re not done yet

Most DJs and musicians, at least those who hope to make any semblance of a living off of their art, are in a sense entrepreneurs...

Photo of DJs Coco and Breezy posing in leather while wearing sunglasses

New York-based twin DJ and production duo Coco & Breezy have released a new single single, ‘Off My Mind’ featuring UK vocalist Sam White. Listen...