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Kickstarter launched for compact MIDI controller, Matrix

This slimline MIDI controller is designed "for all types of players without any required knowledge"


203 Electronics have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new ultra-compact MIDI controller called the Matrix, which describes itself as "one of the thinnest and most portable MIDI devices available."

The slimline, easy-to-use grid controller measures just 13.2mm and is designed with accessibility in mind for "a straightforward box experience for all types of players without any required knowledge."

Powered by 64 RGB-backlit pads, the sleek device also features a "hidden" control button at the centre and dual hidden touch strips along the side and is connected via USB-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 2,4GHz. It has an open-source operating system for "individual application building" and the company has also introduced its own web app, Amethyst Player.

There are two Matrix models — the Pro (which has an additional 32 RGB underglow LEDs) and the standard Matrix model. You can pledge $89 for the regular Matrix controller (retail price $119) or $149 (retail price $179) for the pro. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Akai recently added the latest edition to its MPK line of keyboard controllers, the MPK Mini Plus. The new version spans an octave more than its predecessor and comes with various other updates.

ROLI also recently launched a new and improved update to their innovative multi-touch controller Seaboard, the product that launched their name around the world. Check it out here.