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Moog acquired by music conglomerate inMusic, joining Akai, Denon, Numark, more

The synth manufacturer had been independent since 2002

Outside view of Moog Music's HQ in North Carolina
Moog Music

Moog Music has announced that it has been acquired by music conglomerate inMusic.

It marks the synthesiser maker's departure as an independent company, in a merger that could help it overcome “ongoing challenges”. Global distribution supply chain concerns have been cited.

In a statement announcing the move, Moog Music President Joe Richardson wrote that Moog will still engineer, design and build instruments at its HQ in Asheville, North Carolina. Moog engineer Steve Dunnington, who is a former student of late company founder Bob Moog, will continue to lead product development.

“This new partnership will enable us access to inMusic's efficient global distribution and supply chain network while providing inMusic and its affiliated brands with deep expertise in analog synthesis,” Richardson wrote.

“We are excited to introduce you to the many innovative hardware and software instruments our team has on the horizon. This partnership with inMusic will allow us to reach new communities and continue to push the boundaries of music technology. Finding a partner that honours our values, mission, and legacy is a great boon for our company and community.”

InMusic is a Cumberland, Rhode Island-based company that owns a variety of brands in DJ and professional audio equipment including Akai, Denon, Numark, Alesis, M-Audio, Marantz, and others.

As highlighted by Engadget, there are no details about whether the manufacturing process will take place in the US. To this day, many of the iconic instruments under the company’s umbrella are manufactured on home soil.

The news follows Moog celebrating its 70th anniversary earlier this year with a new interactive site.

Last year, Herb Deutsch, the composer, professor and co-inventor of the Moog synthesiser, died at the age of 90.