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Planet Wax

Close up image of two CDJs and a mixer being used by two people, whose hands are visible

​Across the UK, open decks events are making DJing more accessible for people of all skill levels. Here, Joseph Francis speaks to organisers and community members about how creating safe spaces to practise and learn can help boost confidence, encourage members of marginalised groups, unearth new talent, and even change the narrative around what makes a good DJ

Every first Thursday of the month, Lion Vibes record store in Brixton, South London hosts an open decks night. It’s a lowkey thing; punters rock...

 Header image of vinyl sleeves inside a record shop

Despite the vinyl resurgence, high costs and countless online competitors mean it’s still tough going for record stores. DJ Mag speaks to shops around the UK and beyond about the innovative methods they’re using to stay afloat and provide essential community hubs in 2023

This feature is part of our Record Store Day content series. You can also read our feature on the rise, fall and revival of UK dubplate...