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Premiere: Catriel Nievas ‘Podran’

Buenos Aires’ Catriel Nievas builds a strange world of dungeon synth, throbbing ambience and cumbia villera on the ‘Dunyon’ EP

Black and white photo of Catriel Nievas sitting against a wall under a spotlight. His hood is up and he's staring at the ground
Credit: Julian Romero

Catriel Nievas will release a new EP, ‘Dunyon’, via Buenos Aires’ nodo label this month. Listen to ‘Podran’ below. 

The Argentinian producer, composer, guitarist and performer’s latest five-tracker follows December 2022’s self-released ‘Pad’ EP and 2020’s ‘La sombra del sue​ñ​o’. Like those releases, ‘Dunyon’ is a suite of shapeshifting ambient textures and experimental sound designs, which makes use of his increasingly electronic palette to build a disquieting atmospheric environment. 

Twisting strands of dungeon synth, dark ambient and drone around obscured pillars of of cumbia villera and Brazilian funk, this EP is at points blissful (‘Territorio Incel’, ‘Neosensible’) and at others unnerving (‘Dark Empathy’). Fractured beats, throbbing bass and slices of environmental audio pull you ever-further into the ‘Dunyon’ headspace, hitting a strange, dreamlike peak on ‘Podran’. 

‘Dunyon’ will be released on 11th July. You’ll be able to buy it through nodo label’s Bandcamp