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Premiere: Nachtbraker ‘Don’t Worry’

Amsterdam’s Nachtbraker returns to his own imprint with a galvanic assortment of wiry grooves and body-moving house

Photo of Nachtbraker surrounded by large palm leaves against a purple setting sky

Dutch producer Nachtbraker is set to return to his eponymous imprint this month with a new EP, ‘Dondoni’, featuring Venice-based DJ, Paolo Mosca on remix duties. Listen to ‘Don’t Worry’ now.

Fresh off the critically acclaimed ‘Capichone’ EP on Peach Discs, Nachtbraker – Dutch for ‘nighthawk’ – resurfaces with four rapturous club gems. Anthemic title track, ‘Dondoni’ gives ‘90s Dutch house a metallic, modern-day overhaul with a fleet of crisp, ascending pads and fizzing melodies, while ‘Barkuchi Fus’ does its innovating via intriguing basslines and combustible synths that scream and whine like an engine.

On penultimate track, ‘Don’t Worry’, Nachtbraker leans back into his ambient intuition, winding down the bass and reeling in the snares in favour of multidimensional synth passages and flurries of heartwarming pads. Rounding out the package, Venetian DJ and Slow Life affiliate Paolo Mosca flips the track into an epic wig-out of arpeggios with some seriously nifty drum work, flexing the unbridled versatility of Nachtbraker’s production.

Since dropping his debut album, ‘When You Find A Stranger In The Alps’ via Quartet Series back in 2018, Nachtbraker has been tumbling deeper into classic, heady house territory, but ‘Dondoni’ serves as a reminder that there isn’t much the Dutchman can‘t do.

‘Dondoni’ will be released on 30th June. Pre-order it here.