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Premiere: Piezo ‘Skinner’

Milan’s Piezo sets his hybridised club sound’s sights firmly onto the danceloor for his Nervous Horizon debut

Premiere: Piezo ‘Skinner’

Piezo debuts on Nervous Horizon this month with ‘Cyclic Wavez’ EP. Listen to ‘Skinner’ below. 

The Milan-based DJ and producer’s arrival on the East London label – run by fellow Italians TSVI, Wallwork and Federico Ciampolini – feels like a match made in mutant club music heaven; his flair for shapeshifting rhythms, alien bass zaps and sizzling sound designs fits right in the imprint’s bass-heavy catalogue, following recent EPs from Toumba, Peder Mannerfelt and Cocktail Party Effect.

‘Cyclic Wavez’ presents Piezo at his most urgent, following the psychedelic twists and turns of 2022’s ‘LSD Superhero’ on Wisdom Teeth. The title track skips on a hyperkinetic pulse, punctuated with shards of melodic distortion; ‘Ottovolante’, with its galloping techno beat, feels like 2023’s answer to Rhyw’s ‘Honey Badger’; ‘Skinner’ is a slice of dizzying industrial dembow; ‘Bbent’ chucks breaks, garage beats and cyborg sonics into a space-age blender at the EP’s peak, while ‘Zap-ism’ ends things in a flurry of scattershot drums and synthetic bleeps. 

Piezo has consistently proven himself to be one of the most inventive operators in the world of hybridised club sounds. Here, with his sights set more firmly on the dancefloor than ever, he feels primed to take over. 

‘Cyclic Wavez’ will be released on 14th July. Pre-order it here