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Premiere: Vibrant Matter ‘Ultra-Lettrist’

Vibrant Matter lands on Toronto’s Parallel Minds imprint with four cerebral breakbeat jams

Photo of Vibrant Matter in the shade of a garden behind some houses

Vibrant Matter will release a new EP, ‘Syncrete’, this week. Listen to ‘Ultra-Lettrist’ below.

Following releases on ACT!’s Halocline Trance and Seance Centre, Vibrant Matter — AKA. Kieran Adams — serves up four cerebral breakbeat jams on Ciel and Daniel 58's Toronto-based label, Parallel Minds.

Starting life in 2019 as a series of sound experiments made on the Moog Matriarch, ‘Syncrete’ retains an organic, exploratory spirit as it stitches together hyperactive dub rhythms, jazzy breaks, and taut techno sounds.

A veteran of Toronto’s experimental pop scene, Adams fixes his deft rhythms with humanoid flourishes on opener ‘DeJohnette’, which ushers foggy fragments of voice notes from friends into the fold, while ‘Swoop’ leans into the meandering, techno groove first heard on 2021’s ‘Boomerang’.

Over on the flip, ‘Ultra-Lettrist’ is a vessel for the more experimental margins of Adams’ sound, layering extra-terrestrial synths alongside haunting, improvised passages while never losing sight of the dancefloor. ‘Flint’ ventures ever further from the woozy jazz of 2022’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ EP with a discerning breakbeat core, rounding out a sweltering new addition to the Parallel Minds catalogue.

Since launching in 2019, Ciel and Daniel 58’s Parallel Minds label has been showcasing the slick, modern sound of Toronto. Other recent releases include Ficilio’s ‘Dangerous Goods’ EP and Yohei S.’s ‘Down by Three’.

‘Syncrete’ is out 21st July and available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Listen to ‘Ultra-Lettrist’ below.