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Reason Studios release "open-ended" physical modelling synth, Objekt

Objekt comes with 500 patches including bells, stringed instruments and mallets

Image via Reason Studios

Reason Studios have released an "open-ended" physical modelling synth called Objekt.

Using physical modelling, which allows for the nuances and variations of acoustic sounds, Objekt generates acoustic instrument sounds and offers over 500 patches ranging from bells, mallets, percussion, stringed instruments, textures, and more. There's also a randomiser for varying the patches.

The tool comprises three resonating objects, which are set in motion by the Exciter section. The soft synth, which is integrated with the Reason Rack, can also be linked to any audio signal via the External Input, which means you can bring in your own sounds for Objekt's resonators.

"Objekt generates all sound in real time without relying on pre-recorded samples which makes it dynamic, playable, and easily customisable — but also fast and lightweight," said a press release announcing the release of the physical modelling synth.

Find out more from the Reason Studios site.