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Selections: Adiel

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Adiel spotlights 10 techno gems, from the relentlessly heavy to the hypnotically deep

Regularly hurtling along at breakneck speed and pierced by scything synth lines, it would be easy to write off Adiel’s take on techno as ruthless and not for the faint-hearted. But the Italian hasn’t become such an in-demand spinner — playing Berghain, fabric, Awakenings, multiple Boiler Room sets and Croatia’s renowned techno haven Sonus, where she’ll hold court this August — by being a one-trick pony. Yes, her sets can be relentless and industrial, but they also rely on entrancing grooves, deep dub cuts and enveloping atmospherics to keep dancers in a state of hypnosis, showcasing her crate-digging tendencies as she draws for vinyl from throughout the decades. 

Her productions have arrived via Len Faki’s Figure and Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts outlets; however, it’s on her own Danza Tribale label that Adiel can usually be found dropping wiggy tracks alongside the likes of Donato Dozzy, DJ Tennis and Tamburi Neri. Dive inside Adiel’s record bag with her Selections! 

‘Psychedance Songs’ [Junction Forest]

“This track is a psychedelic blend of groove and trippy vocals, which makes it perfect for getting the crowd moving.”

Strange Connection
‘Tecnologia (Inst. Remix For Red Industries)’ [Unsys Riots]

“Hard-hitting and driving rhythms that create a dark, intense atmosphere on the dancefloor. Perfect for when the crowd is ready to get lost in music.”

Phil Moon
‘Peace Of 6’ [Superluminal Records]

“This track is a dreamy, atmospheric techno journey, perfect for transitioning to or from more high-energy tracks in a set.”

‘Power 2 Tha People’ [Eurodance Inc]

“This track is a classic example of acid techno driving beats that create a sense of urgency on the dancefloor. Its unrelenting energy is perfect for peak-time sets.”

‘Groove Inferno’ [Interruption]

“Smooth groove and soulful vocals. This track is a jazzy, funky excursion into deep, with a smooth groove that creates a laidback vibe on the dancefloor. Perfect for warming up the crowd.”

‘Reflex’ [n-PLEX]

“This track is a brutal, industrial techno assault. It is perfect for underground clubs or industrial warehouse raves.” 

‘Just Close Your Eyes’ [Federation Of Drums]

“For me, this track’s emotive sound is perfect for creating a connection with the crowd and building a sense[Text Wrapping Break]of togetherness.”

‘Sucker DJ’ [WMFRec]

“This is just one of my favourite tracks, and it’s always in my bag.”

‘MF Please’ [Interval Records]

“This works perfectly on the dancefloor, the track’s infectious energy is perfect for getting the crowd moving, while also adding a touch of sexiness.”

‘Explain’ [Bourassa]

“This one creates a sense of tension on the dancefloor. I usually open my sets with this kind of track, as it’s just perfect to create a sense of intrigue, while also drawing the crowd into a deeper musical experience.”