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Sonique ‘It Feels So Good’, the making of a chart-smashing dance anthem: Watch

The story of how Sonique made her dance anthem, 'It Feels So Good'

Sonique gives us an exclusive insight into the making of her 1998 dance classic 'It Feels So Good', on the eve of the 25th anniversary of its release. The track would go on to land the No. 1 spot in the UK Singles Chart, as well as dominate charts across the world, helping cement its place as a true dance classic.

Here, Sonique talks about how ‘It Feels So Good’ started out as a d&b track, working on it in the studio, and how it became one of the biggest-selling singles of 1998.

Electronic music history is rich with unforgettable and timeless classics. In our series, DJ Mag explores the tales behind some of the world's favourite dance tracks, told by the people that made them.

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