This episode DJ Skelly B celebrates life in a great party vibe, giving tributes and honouring family, friends, artist and celebrities who have transitioned, a show that takes you on a creative journey with great music and features art work from Kathrina Rupit. Enjoy the visuals and give yourself space to dance.

On this episode of The Blast Vibe Party the set is called Power, Love & Vibez. DJ Skelly B takes you on a musical journey with all 3 elements

In this episode Of da Blast Vibe Show DJ Skelly B celebrates the rebirth of, in a great party style, with great musuc and great vibez


This episode of Da Blast Show DJ Skelly B & co host Alexa Vibez do a set called Power Blends, and Vibez, where DJ Skelly B mixes and blends Hip Hop and Funk with different genres of music.


In this episode of Da Blast Vibe Show DJ Skelly B makes you Feel Da Vibe with some classic Hip Hop and Funk, and some surprise mix and blends with multi genres of music.

It's the 10 year anniversary of Da Blast Vibe Show, and to celebrate DJ Skelly B does a Version 2 Version Special where he takes original breakbeats and play multiple versions of those beats.